Patient Reviews and Testimonials

We have been a part of the Deer Creek Dental Family for over 15 years.

I say family because the deer creek dental team feels like family. They have been there for us over the years and as our kids have grown. They have helped us through every dental stage in their lives. From baby teeth to braces and even the emergency visit when they both broke a tooth. We have been a part of each other’s lives to where we actually look forward our dental appointments. The dental hygienist’s and dentists are compassionate, highly skilled and an absolute pleasure to have as our dental team. We hope that you choose Deer Creek Dental for your dental needs and come join the Deer Creek Dental Family.

Jonathan & Kristin & Hannah & Jaromiah

The doctors and staff at Deer Creek Dental are excellent in care and making their patients comfortable for an otherwise stressful procedure.

As I get older, my dental needs are changing. I’m confident that whatever my future care requires, the staff and doctors will be up to the challenge. I appreciate the professional and personal care I’ve received over the past many years.

Waynette S.

Deer Creek Dental is absolutely amazing

I have been going there since I was a child, and now my own children go there. The entire staff is always pleasant, friendly, and happy to help. Both Dr. Neubert and Dr. Rochelle are phenomenal and do great work. They will try their best to save you money, and work with you on payments when needed. I would always highlight recommend Deer Creek Dental to anyone! -

Samantha E.

Deer Creek Dental doctors and staff are like family.

They have always taken care of my dental needs, scheduled or emergency. Dr. Neubert, on one occasion, opened the office on Christmas Eve (late night) to look after a family member of mine from out of state. He then came in on Christmas Day to follow up. God Bless Deer Creek Dental for taking the “pain and anxiety” out of a dental visit! Thank you for the many year of excellent service!

Kimberly J.

I have been a patient of Dr. Neubert since he opened his practice in Casper decades ago.

From the beginning, I have received considerate but professional care of the highest quality by Dr. Neubert and his staff. When you got to his clinic there is a warm, friendly atmosphere that puts you at ease and the personal attention makes you feel like family.

Dana B.

I definitely recommend Deer Creek Dental to anyone looking for a great dental experience!

I’ve always enjoyed going to the dentist and moving here from Tennessee I was anxious to find a great dentist. My husband recommended Deer Creek Dental and I’ve been so satisfied! Dr. Rochelle is very professional, and you can’t find a kinder staff anywhere. They’re so welcoming.

Hannah D.

Four generations of our family have been at Deer Creek Dental.

Robert and I started seeing Dr. Neubert around 1988. We were new in Casper and a co-worker suggested this dental office, we have never gone anywhere else. Deer Creek Dental has taken excellent care of us and all 6 of our children, regular check-ups, dental work, emergencies, and cosmetic work. My parents came from Gillette to see both Drs. Neubert and Rochelle. Now our children are married and visit the office with their spouses and children. Everyone in the office is friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable. I can’t imagine going anywhere else, it’s like being with friends at the dentist.

Robert and Theresa S.

I have gone to the same dentist since I was born.

I am 41 and have 2 kids that continue to see Kent Neubert and now Brian Rochelle. They always treat us like family. My kids have never been scared to go to the dentist. I appreciate the loving atmosphere. The people in the office are our extended family, all going above and beyond to make you comfortable. From my wisdom teeth to the work on my front teeth- I trusted only Kent Neubert to do. I was scared to go to the orthodontist because I trusted Kent. My teeth look wonderful! We moved, but we still travel just to go to Deer Creek Dental! They are the best there is! Thank you for always taking care of me and my family!

Amy S.

Our experience with your dental office has been exemplary

Dan and I would like to take the opportunity to commend the Deer Creek Dental staff and Dr. Brian Rochelle. Our experience with your dental office has been exemplary. You are genuine, knowledgeable, and caring. Our family is truly grateful. Of note, our daughter had an exam while in college and was misdiagnosed with several issues. I asked Dr. Rochelle for a second opinion. He was able to see her promptly and saved her a lot of unnecessary dental procedures. Thank you for your ability to assist us promptly when an emergency arises and find the best way to meet our dental needs.

Dan & Holly C.

I highly recommend Deer Creek Dental

I had the same dentist for 38 years. He died suddenly. Besides the loss of a long time friend I was faced with renewed panic issues. I always felt "safe" with my long time dentist. Though I casually knew one of the dentists at Deer Creek it was still a very anxiety producing situation for me to go the first few times. My old dentist knew all of my quirks. My concerns were all for nothing. As soon as I explained about "me" as we moved from one step to another they were MORE than happy to help me and accommodate me in any way I needed that to happen. During one procedure poor Dr. Rochelle stood the entire lengthy procedure because lying flat was just not possible for me. Everyone in the office goes above and beyond to make you feel at ease and comfortable. Prior to my going to Deer Creek I had a relative that had not been to a dentist in many, many years. They had a horrifying experience as a child and they could not face the fear. Deer Creek took them through the process with such baby steps she readily goes now. Just as an example---the first visit all she had to do was sit in the chair. And, it progressed at the rate she was comfortable with until finally the exam could be done. When it was determined what work needed to be done the process started all over again. She came and just sat in the chair trying on the mask for the "happy" gas etc. You will never meet more kind, caring, compassion, competent people, starting with the amazing Rochelle at the desk that greets you when you arrive, to the hygienists, and, of course, the dentists. If you are looking for an up to the minute in technology, experienced, caring, dental clinic that is still affordable---I, personally, don't need my dentist to offer me frills I do not want or need and, in the end, the costs of these frills are passed down to me---I highly recommend Deer Creek Dental.

Verne K.